Jackie Pope-Tarrence, PhD


With a strong background in clinical and social psychology, Jackie recognizes the importance of quality leadership to effectively empower every employee in an organization. She has long experience instructing diverse groups of professionals in the areas of interpersonal skills, verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as how to work effectively with others. She has provided extensive training in the area of equity and inclusion to professionals from the demanding P-12 and postsecondary education, helping leaders address the challenges impacting an organization’s success.

Having served successfully in leadership positions as an associate dean, a local school board member, and a member of the state school boards association, Jackie recognizes that quality leadership skills is a catalyst for organizational effectiveness.  Her work with leaders in healthcare, law enforcement, and P-12 education speaks to the importance of helping businesses foster strategic partnerships in order to grow their business.

Jackie currently co-teaches clinical interviewing courses for first-year medical students at the UK College of Medicine Bowling Green Campus, as well as serves as a senior fellow with the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence overseeing the equity coalition.  She has also spent the last three years serving as an educational consultant in the Bowling Green City School district.

Email Jackie: jpope@leadershipstrategies.com