Randall Capps

Randy is the president of Leadership Strategies Group, a performance management consulting firm. He is working with clients in the areas of leadership development and strategy. He is also Scholar in Residence and Professor of Management in the Gordon Ford College of Business at Western Kentucky University. His teaching responsibilities are with Executive MBA and doctoral students. 

For more than twenty-five years he has worked with and done research on team based organizations in a variety of industries, including service, healthcare and manufacturing. He was instrumental in working with what is now called Logan Aluminum to develop a culture and team system that has allowed them to be the most profitable aluminum facility in the world. The Whirlpool Corporation employed him for a year to work with their various facilities in designing teams systems unique to their particular needs. After the initial year he remained as an advisor for more than ten years. In addition to these examples of his work with teams he continues to work with organizations in implementing teams. He serves as advisor to several CEO’s as they implement the team approach in their own organizations.

His focus is on helping the client achieve success through developing leadership skills and implementing a strategy. The major expertise he brings to clients is helping them develop and align their people and processes to reach higher levels of performance. He works with the client’s leadership, culture, mission and values to develop customized solutions for the organization.

He has won university awards for both research and teaching. He was awarded an educational grant from the General Motors Educational Foundation to research leadership among executives in that company. He has also received grants from the government of Quebec to research management and leadership practices among Canadian companies. He is author of nine books, mostly on communication and leadership. He has also published research on companies moving to the team approach of managing.

He holds degrees from Kentucky Wesleyan College, Western Kentucky University and a doctoral degree from the University of Virginia. He has done post-doctoral work at Vanderbilt. He was awarded the honorary degree Doctor of Humanities from Kentucky Wesleyan College in 2016.

Email Randy: rcapps2@leadershipstrategies.com