Troy Robertson, MSETM

Troy has worked in industry from the plant floor to corporate headquarters, education, and several non-profits. His passions guide him to help individuals and organizations strengthen their leadership and capabilities.

Troy has educated engineering student teams and taught engineering courses in a project-based engineering department at Western Kentucky University. He has led research projects and guided teams through complex projects. Throughout Troy’s career he has worked with top management and focused on business success and improvement efforts. Troy has advised and led broad ranges of project teams including a range of participants from students to company owners and founders. He is Lean Sigma Certified with a strong understanding of industrial needs in these areas.

Troy has a Masters Degree in Engineering Technology Management that followed his extensive technical education, training, and experience. His education and training has positioned him with a valuable understanding of manufacturing and technical operations. He serves on non-profit boards and provides advisement for several others. His work in engineering departments has involved collaboration with external suppliers and customers all over the world. Troy’s greatest personal successes have been helping owners and top management grow their opportunities by further developing their skills, technologies, and areas of the markets.

Troy is pursuing an Educational Doctoral Degree in Organizational Leadership at Western Kentucky University.

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